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⁠Your introduction should be brief, generally between 30 and 60 seconds, up to a maximum of 2 minutes, regardless of the format. Remember, this is just an introduction—the main content comes later.

⁠No, focus on your strengths, relevant skills, and experiences. If you must mention weaknesses, frame them as opportunities for growth and improvement.

⁠Emphasize transferable skills, adaptability, and eagerness to learn. Use specific examples to demonstrate your flexibility and growth mindset.

⁠No, avoid discussing salary unless the interviewer brings it up. Typically, salary discussions occur during the negotiation stage.

Yes, but with caution. Gauge the company culture and interview context. Ensure your humor is appropriate and doesn’t come across as unprofessional or offensive.

⁠Yes, tailor your introduction to the new audience and provide additional insights. HR professionals may need general information about your skills and background, while line managers or departmental supervisors may seek more technical details.

⁠Stay calm and adjust your response to address the interviewer's concerns. There will be other opportunities to share more information later.

No, focus on key points and practise delivering them naturally and confidently.

  • Breathe deeply. ⁠

  • Practise beforehand. 

  • ⁠Remind yourself of your value and strengths. 

    Exercise before the interview.Take deep breaths, practice beforehand, remind yourself of your strengths, and exercise before the interview. Channel your nervous energy into enthusiasm.

Yes, but only if it’s relevant to the position or highlights your personality and compatibility with the company culture.
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